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Many different individuals are getting into operating drone operations but don’t exactly know where to start. Many Government agencies are concerned with privacy and other potential safety issues that exist with drones. These regulations can be extremely complicated to the everyday drone user. 

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Along with all of the commercial drone regulations created – Many federal agencies are claiming different types of authority over drone operation. 


Most frequent questions and answers

If you crash a drone there are a variety of reporting requirements that you must deal with in regards to the National Transportation Safety Board. 

Many companies in silicon valley are looking to come out with the first flying cars. It’s a race to the finish line – read more here

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As more businesses take advantage of drone technology, the laws surrounding this technology grow more and more complicated. We connect you with those that provide advice surrounding drones and a host of different issues. This includes Drone Licensing, Drone Litigation, and FAA and state regulations. 

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We’ll find you a drone law team that has robust resources to provide an extremely wide range of services. 

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Don’t wait to get the help you need to navigate one of the fastest growing and complicated industries out there. The regulatory hurdles alone require experts to help break through the noise and get you the information you need. 

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