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As drones are becoming a regular thing for commercial and personal use, more and more people are having legal issues concerning their use. Sadly, a very small number of people understand laws and regulations concerning drones use.

Ever since 2000, we have specialized in these kinds of issues and with us, you can get all the legal help you need. No matter if you need guidance, regulation help, or want to understand your rights and regulations, we are here to help.

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Since 2000, we have specialized in providing legal help on laws and regulations concerning drones. However, our company was found in 1984 and in the past, we provided help in many other areas of the law. We have all the expertise and knowledge in this niche, accompanied with over 16 years of doing other legal work, which gives us additional knowledge that can help you.

- Since 1984 -

Practice Areas

Estate Law

If you are organizing large events where you want to use drones to improve the experience of your customers, we can provide all the legal advice you need.

Family Law

If you want your family members to be safe while using drones and avoid issues, contact us.

Injury Law

If you have suffered an injury caused by a drone, or someone has been hurt by your machine, we can give insight and help.

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No matter if you have a legal issue, want to learn more about regulations, or plan on using drones for commercial use, we can help you. Simply contact us and tell us what you need.

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